We are one of the most reputed leading exporter and suppliers of world famous Raisins of all types that are made from seedless grapes.

We regularly travel to Nashik, Solapur and Sangli region of Maharashtra State, known for best grapes producing area, to visit our raisin  suppliers. We visit our suppliers and their cultivation areas in order to obtain the latest market information.

Nashik, Solapur and Sangli region are able to produce a very good quality raisin due to the excellent weather conditions.

The raisins are sourced from clean and healthy fresh Thompson Seedless, Black Seedless Grapes.  International quality standards are honored while harvesting of the grapes.

We can supply following types of raisins-

  1. Malayar Raisins
  2. Black Medium and Jumbo Raisins
  3. Green Long and Green Round
  4. Dark Brown Raisins
  5. Golden Raisins
  6. Organic Raisins
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