Quality Control

Goxport  has an experienced and high qualified team managing quality from pre-harvesting, harvesting, pre-cooling, cold storage, packaging,  transportation  to retailer. This includes pest monitoring, strict pre-harvest intervals,  routine analysis (MRL); and sanitary conditions in every orchard/grove. Managing the client specification is our priority in every packing facility. Goxport technical team regularly visits and consults  farmers  during the pre-harvesting period and educates and advises  them about strict quality controls in order to meet client specifications and requirements. This includes oversight at pack houses to ensure that the fruit is packed to specification and kept at optimal temperatures.

After complying and passing the fruits and vegetables stringent quality controls, Goxport ensures that the products are transported to the oversees destination in the shortest possible time  while maintaining the fruits shell life and ensuring the products arrives in the excellent condition to our client site.

Our association with APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) certifies and ensures

  1. Registration, record keeping & monitoring of farms
  2. GLOBALG.A.P (Good Agricultural Practice) accreditation and ensuring these are renewed annually.
  3. Exports only from recognized pack-houses
  4. Pesticide Residue analysis by ISO-17025
  5. Facilitate tracing back from retail shelves to the farm through the various stages of sampling, testing, certification and packing.

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