The arid / semi arid weather in Solapur is well suited for the pomegranate production in the region. Country’s National Research Center on Pomegranate (NRCP) is also located in Solapur. NRCP was established in 2005 by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi for facilitating research and development in the pomegranate crop.

Pomegranate is touted to be healthiest fruits on earth. Pomegranate contains punicalgin which has powerful antioxidant properties. Anti-inflammatory properties in pomegranates may prevent prostate cancer and other chronic diseases. Pomegranate also lowers risk of heart diseases and also works against arthritis and diabetes.

Goxport Agro specification for pomegranate export:

Pomegranate Variety Name Color Packing specification Number of cartons Availability in a year
Bhagwa Red, Cheery Red 3.5, 4.5, 15-20 Kg cartons 4400 cartons of 3.5 kg each in 1 container


August  to April


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