Mango is the major fruit of India and is grown almost in all the states. India holds top position in mango production among all the other mango growing countries.

Goxport is specialized in exporting Alphonso and Kesar Mango which are widely famous for their taste and nutritional values. Goxport has skilled and experienced team dedicated and specialised in exporting mangoes to overseas.

Goxport technical team –

  • Works with farmers for maintaining documented record of all operations carried out at orchard while ensuring Good Agricultural Practices.
  • Carrying out pre-harvest survey and investigate pests and fruit production
  • Ensures that the mangoes are packed in APEDA approved and certified pack house having hot water dip facility
  • Carrying out inspection for quality management and tracing the origin of mango, all the exported crates of mango are labelled/marked indicating the name of orchard/locality, production unit code, variety and date/time of harvesting.
  • Works in collaboration with APEDA ensuring following treatment option to the mango fruit before exporting it to European countries
    • Hot Water Immersion treatment at 48 C for 60 minutes
    • Vapor heat treatment either at 46.5 0C for 30 minutes and 47.5 0C for 20 minutes

Export Specification:

Mango Variety Name Weight per 1 mango Packing specification Temperature Required Availability in a year Mode of Transport
Alphonso Mango 200-300 gm 1 dozen  = 12 Mangoes with net weight of 2.5 kg 13 0C February to July Sea or Air
Kesar Mango 200-250 gm 1 dozen  = 12 Mangoes with net weight of 2.5 kg 13 0C February to July Sea or Air

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