Goxport International is a part of family owned company specialized in exporting and importing high-quality pomegranates seeds/arils, coconut chunks, mangoes and exotic vegetables like red bird eye chilli, baby corn  and okra along with other Indian vegetables.  Our headquarter is located in Solapur, Maharashtra and office house is in Voorburg, The Hague, Netherlands. We import exotic Fruits and vegetables from India and distribute in the Netherlands and rest of Europe. 

Goxport has control and expertise on all the operations  in chosen agricultural products from farming, pre-harvest, post-harvest management, packaging, cold storage to transportation to the overseas retailer. 

Goxport understands and employs the best farming practices that make the most proficient use of our precious resources while meeting our clients’ high demands and expectations.

We strive to become specialist Suppliers of fruits and vegetables and focus our effort on quality rather than quantity. Our aim is to become a world class supplier of high-quality fruits and vegetables in the purest and natural form possible at extremely competitive rates.

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